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  • We are all told, “live your life to the fullest”; I am here to continue doing just that.  My poetry serves as a conduit to project my passions.  I started writing poetry around the age of 19 and have written sporadically ever since.  My next goal would be to write a novel/screenplay/play.  I work hard, I cannot stand inertia, although it is important to take time out to relax and just be. I am an open book but in many languages. I can be duped but rarely. I am clued in to other people, their agendas, their motives and their modes operandi. I dislike bitchiness, from anyone, treat as you want to be treated with respect, with care, with kindness. I am a good friend, but a free spirit. I am strong through experience. I cannot stand injustice, although we are insatiated with it in this world. I go for the underdog rather than the topdog. Some topdogs get where they are through sheer hard work and tenacity, I respect them for that. I keep my own counsel and do not fall into cliques.

  • I feel deeply, I am sanguine in nature, incessantly curious, but am less impressed with the superficial in this world. Simple things really do make you more happy than the transient distractions I have and sometimes still do, as well as many others foolishly aspire to. I love my family, my friends, I appreciate nature, music, art, writing, history, literature, architecture, travelling when I can

  • I am constantly acutely aware, and like to have friends who very similar yet have new ideas to discuss and explore.

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London, UK

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